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[Video] Citizen ride-along injured in attempted traffic stop turned pursuit


Madera, California police are looking for the people who fired more than a dozen rounds at an officer as he tried to pull over their vehicle early Sunday morning.

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Killed Utah police officer was working to pay off medical bills




Unified police officer Douglas Scott Barney, 44, had been on the force 18 years when police say he encountered Cory Lee Henderson, 31, Sunday morning in residential area near a church in the suburb of Holladay, about 8 miles southeast of downtown Salt Lake City.

Barney found Henderson nearby and the officer was shot in the head. Barney died hours later at a hospital.

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Law Enforcement and the Survivor’s Mindset


My PT instructor at the academy once told us a story about a trainee who was having a moral issue with the idea of shooting another individual, even if that person posed a threat to him. His rationale was that he didn’t “believe his life was worth more than someone else’s.” No joke. Why anyone who thinks this way would apply for a career in law enforcement is beyond me.

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[Video] Extremely impaired driver caught by police aerial unit



The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office posted this video to their YouTube page earlier this week. The video shows a hit and run suspect and passenger (who are both very intoxicated) exit their vehicle in a parking lot and fall over each other until ground units arrive and secure the suspects.

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Police motivational video – Rise


I came across this video today and had to share it for those in law enforcement or looking to join an agency.

It is a short video that highlights the good and bad of law enforcement (quickly, not comprehensively) and how it is an ever-changing environment.

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Best ways for LEOs to stay in shape


One of the most difficult aspects of a career in law enforcement is trying to remain in peak physical condition while also enduring long, exhausting work hours. Shift work itself is often difficult to adjust to. You never know when you might have to work an overnight shift, stay late because your relief isn’t there, or work a double because you caught a significant case at the end of your shift. Combine this with lack of sleep, poor diet, and trying to balance your family or personal life, and it’s easy to see why some officers start getting out of shape over the years.

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Ten things you should know about getting O.C. sprayed


Unless you have to be tased at your academy, getting pepper sprayed is probably the worst thing you’ll have to go through. I won’t sugarcoat it. It’s just not a fun experience. Even if you’ve already gone through something like this or CS gas because you’re prior military, there’s just no getting used to it.


The details of your spray day will vary depending on which agency or department you’re with. Aspects that may vary include the type of substance used, how much is sprayed on your face, what distance they spray from, whether you’re allowed to close your eyes or wear goggles, and whether you have two fight a role player after being sprayed.

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5 Ways to Get Into the LEO State of Mind


If you’re an aspiring law enforcement officer (LEO), there are a number of mindset shifts you’ll probably have to go through. One of the main goals of your academy will be to break down your old ways of thinking and start getting you to think more like an LEO. Here are five ways you can get a jumpstart on that transition:


Don’t carry things on your strong side. Which hand will you be using to draw and fire your service weapon? That’s what I mean when I refer to your strong side. If I refer to your support side, I’m talking about your other hand. Get used to having nothing in your strong side hand. This means books and notepads, water bottles or canteens, your hat (or “cover”), or even a pen. This is something my academy drilled into our heads every moment of the day. By getting used to it ahead of time, you’ll be making things easier on yourself.

The reasoning behind this should be fairly obvious. It’s the same reason I’ve carried my wallet in left pocket for years. My weak side hand is for trapping someone’s sneaky little mitt and my strong side hand is for pounding. Whether using it to draw your firearm, your baton, your O.C., or just for hand-to-hand combat, you want that hand free at all times. When someone surprises you by pointing a pistol at your chest, that isn’t exactly the time to be fumbling with your Big Gulp.

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Two Boy Scouts begin Blue Lives Matter challenge



Two Boy Scouts in Texas asked everyone to step up to honor and support law enforcement. They posted a video asking everyone to take their challenge and shake the hand of someone in law enforcement or donate  $50 to 100 Club Survivors Fund.

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Top Mistakes Trainees Make at the Academy


This is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list. We work with some interesting characters who come up with all sorts of creative ways to get themselves in a jam. Just when you think you’ve seen all the mistakes that can be made (either at the academy or at your station), someone will always be there to show you otherwise.


With this list, I’m just trying to alert you to some of the more common issues you could run into at the academy in hopes that you won’t make some of the mistakes either I or my classmates made. Here goes:


Hanging out to watch the new trainees arrive.

Ok… I’m not going to act like this one isn’t fun to do. You’ve already been through it on your first day. You know they’re entering a world of pain and are about to be screamed at like never before in their lives. The difference is this time it’s not you, so it’s hilarious. Just don’t get caught watching the show or you’ll be dressed down in front of the new class.

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