About the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Founded in 1908, The Federal Bureau of Investigations is the front line against foreign espionage, public corruption, and cyber-attacks. Representing values of fidelity, bravery and integrity the FBI works through field operatives, supportive professionals and specialists.

When you join the competitive field of the FBI you become part of a team working through 60 international offices, 380 local offices, and 56 field offices. The FBI responds to national disasters, major crimes, international threats, and other situations that need technical and trained skill-sets.

History of the FBI

While founded in 1908, the FBI origins date to 1896 when the National Bureau of Criminal Identification began its mission of providing background information on known criminals to local police. Dozens of international threats, interstate commerce concerns, and national criminals forced the United States to form the Bureau of Investigation.

For 3 decades the agency changed missions and names rapidly before named an independent service and gained the name FBI. Fixed as a task force for control of notorious criminals, large-scale crime, and international attacks the FBI was effective in controlling criminals too large for local authorities.

During World War II, national security became the largest concern for the FBI, using agents to counterattack against espionage from enemy spies. These espionage practices continued through the cold war to aid in the capture of foreign agents on US soil.

Director of the FBI

The current director of the FBI is James Comey, appointed on September 4th, 2013 by President Barrack Obama and confirmed by the Senate. Comey is the seventh director of the FBI and will serve the limit of 10 years.

The Mission of the FBI

The FBI’s mission is to protect the citizens of the United States from threats within our nation’s borders and outside influences. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defends the United States from three hundred different crimes and terrorist attacks. Including:

  • Terrorism - Agents responsible for prevent terrorism work diligently to protect the United States from incoming attacks from foreign countries. Agents use modern technology and advanced strategy to prevent violent crimes on US soil. Responsible for watching known terrorist cells within the United States, agents protect Americans from both local and foreign terrorism.
  • Counterintelligence - Through advanced methods, the FBI seeks out opportunities to prevent leaks and attacks through counterintelligence missions and priories.
  • Cyber Crimes - The FBI prevents cyber-crimes through advanced technology. Using advanced systems and programs, agents detect and stop criminals from attacking your personal data or computers.
  • Public Corruption - The FBI overlooks public figures for corruption through multiple channels. Election fraud is a primary concern for the FBI. In addition, the FBI watched for outside influence within our political system. Agents are also responsible for tracking tax fraud and bribes to government employees.
  • Civil Rights - The FBI watches and protects citizens of the United States from crimes against their civil rights. Including, but not limited to hate crimes, human trafficking, and free access to services.
  • Organized Crime - The FBI watches and controls known large-scale crime groups (commonly referred to as mafia). Responsible for disclosing known links and connections within the United State the FBI also surveys overseas operations from all known organized crime.
  • White-collar Crime - The FBI overseas most forms of white-collar crime. Many of the crimes they respond to include mass marketing, insurance fraud, corporation fraud, antitrust, and piracy. Using advanced computer programs to watch transactions the FBI may make arrests before large corporations can defraud citizens.
  • Violent/ Major Crime - FBI overseas all major crimes within the United States. These crimes can include art theft, gangs, mass murders, bombs, and other crimes of high profile nature. The FBI also examines crimes in Indian country.

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